Company Profile

I will introduce the outline of e-logit and representative greetings.



e-LogiT co., ltd.
CEO / Chief Consultant
Ryoichi Rio Kakui

We are one of the largest eCommerce logistics companies in Japan in the number of eCommerce companies that we support in logistics. We are also a pioneer of logistics companies specialized in eCommerce.

We fully support eCommerce and mail order company that do business at high speed with small package of products in fulfillment outsourcing, consulting, system development including logistics.

e-LogiT is named of LOGISTICS and TECHNOLOGY and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. We develop the business following the meaning of name

For example, our system,"e-LogiT WMS" is a web based system made in house. If we have a disaster in Tokyo, we can use the system in Osaka right away.
We are the logistics specialists that write 9 logistics books in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. We can do "KAIZEN" for various kinds of products.
*KAIZEN : Improving productivity

We have the logistics school and seminars for companies and persons that are related to logistics.
We proudly announce that e-LogiT is the NO1 eCommerce company and one of the best specialists. We hope to support your business and to fasten your growth.

Company Profile

Company name
e-LogiT co., ltd.
Tokyo Headquarter
68 Kanda-Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo JAPAN
(2-3 minutes walk from Alkihabara station)
TEL: +81-3-3253-1600
FAX: +81-3-3253-1610
Tokyo Seminar Roo
1-5 Kanda-Suda, Chiyoda-ku
(6 minute walk from Akihabara Station of JR)

Osaka Headquarter
1-5-40 Nagata-Nishi, Higashi-Osaka-shi Osaka JAPAN
(12 minutes walk from Nagata Station of Chuo Line)
TEL: +81-6-4308-8977
FAX: +81-6-4308-8978
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Logistics Center

Saitama Fulfillment Center (Saitama FC)
eCommerce and multi-channel center
Yashio-shi Saitama, Japan (20,000 square meters)
(only 17.5km away form Tokyo Terminal)
(1km distance from Soka station)

Tokyo Fulfillment Center (Tokyo FC)
eCommerce and Mail Order only
Matsue Edogawa-ku Tokyo JAPAN (10,000 square meters)
(only 9.5km away form Tokyo Terminal)


Logistics Outsourcing only for eCommerce and Mail Order

Merchandising)Variety goods, Apparel, Sporting goods, Cosmetics, Pet goods, Daily necessaries, PC accessary, Outdoor goods and apparel, etc

Logistics Consulting
"Kaizen" at distribution center(PDF)
Logistics Process Re-engineering
Logistics Center Development
Inventory reduction
School, seminar, lecture of logistics
Organizational matter

System Development
Comparison of Logistics system
System developing
Order Management System

School, seminar, lecture of logistics
for Management
for New Comers
for Logistics Leaders

Our Customers
Cargo owners
Logistics Companies/3PLs
Related to logistics
Our Customers
CEO Ryoichi Rio Kakui
Over 100
Major Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Fukae-bashi branch
Mizuho Bank Senba branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Senba branch